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Benny Lee

Mr. Benny Lee is a trader, trainer, author and highly sought-after speaker in the equities and commodities markets for more than 15 years. He has conducted trading and technical analysis workshops, seminars and coaching for private and institutional investors. He also speaks in local and international conferences, especially in the area of crude palm oil and rubber. He has also conducted the Securities Commission of Malaysia CPE (Continuous Professional Education) workshops from the Asian Banking School, FIMM and other investment banks. He is also a regular speaker for the Malaysian Palm Oil Council (MPOC) and InvestSmart conferences.

Publicly, Mr. Lee is a regular commentator in The Edge Business Daily and Borneo Post. He appears on BFM89.9 business radio station regularly and as regular guest market commentator on other media such as Bloomberg, Business Times, The Edge and Bernama. He is the Managing Director for i2Matrix Sdn Bhd, an investment education and content provider. He holds a BA(Hons) in Business Management, UK.

Dr. Thiti Tharasuk


Chart Master Co. Ltd (Thailand)

A successful full time trader with more than 10 years of experience, Dr. Thiti is the founder of "Art Trading Methodology". This revolutionary trading method has help thousands of students who have previously struggled from achieving success in trading. His knowledge enables him to think 3 steps ahead of other traders around the world.

Chan Fong

Chan Fong is a radio announcer with 26 years of experience. He is currently hosting morning program from Monday to Thursday, and Friday night show. Besides, he is also an advertising man for 20 years and currently running his own agency called 180 Degrees Brandcom Sdn Bhd for 15 years.

Raymond Chin

Chairman of Business and Finance Committee of Malaysia-China Chamber of Commerce,
CEO of NCB Group,
Formally Deputy Chairman of MetronicGlobal Bhd,
Director of ApaveMalaysia Sdn Bhd

Mr Chin is the Chairman of Business and Economy Committee for the National Council Member of Malaysia-China Chamber of Commerce (MCCC). He currently holds key management or committee positions in multiple companies and organizations.

Mr Chin has worked ininternational companies such as Aztech American Software House, Antah Biwater British Management Company, and National Computer Board of Singapore.

He holds a Master Degree in Economy & Analysis, Design and Management of Information System from London School of Economics and Political Science, United Kingdom.

Kingsley Tan

创办人兼首席金融分析师 King’s Academy

Kingsley Tan,毕业于伦敦经济大学,目前活跃于金融衍生品交易,包括货币,指数,期权和原油的交易。这7年间,已累积超过1000场的讲座分享和演说,线上线下培训过5000人,交易实战经验丰富。 他善于结合国际金融趋势与图表技术分析,并且创造出简单易懂的投资策略,带领学员们创造盈利的投资组合。

2015 年于中国北京荣获《第十二届演说中国》第一,成为首位马来西亚“金麦”得主。近年来,Kingsley还倾力培训金融市场讲师和分析师,打造精英团队为投资大众服务。


Master Cha

投资心理学与数字命理导师 King’s Academy

Master Cha,谢老师是一名数字学专才。他在26岁那年便取得英国认证AINA玄学学会高级顾问CCM,同时也是一名NLP Practitioner Member。

所谓知己知彼,百战不殆,Master Cha通过把数字学(Numberology)和投资心里学的融合,让学员更清楚了解个人的投资方向,风险偏好的拿捏和投资时机点的掌握。

Tony Lim

股票价值投资导师 King's Academy

Tony Lim, 产业股价师荣誉学士毕业。2010年开始涉足于各大专学校的激励讲座及股票教学。通过他的多年的实战投资经验,已研发出多个适用于大马,新加坡及美国股市分的析方程式。此外,他还把复杂的期货和凭单交易策略简化教给学员。

近期Tony也研发出新的独有股票投资模式(BMW) Banker make U Win, Monkey Stock Picking Philosophy, (FTEAM) Fast Track Equity Analysis Model,并且积极坚持每个月定期与学员们一起研究股市行情和个股分析。通过线上与线下和各大书局的分享,至今已有近千名学员受惠于他的教学。

著有的投资书籍有“The Power Value Investing Formula” 和“Building My Own Cash Machine Through Stock Investment”。Tony相信,价值投资能够为投资者的投资组合创造非凡的现金流。


Calvin is an avid trader with 7-8 years of experience trading the markets. Having participated in many trading competitions, he was one of the top 10 traders in some of the trading competitions. He also traded for proprietary trading firm in the past. He graduated from National University of Singapore with 2nd Upper Honours in Economics. His interest in Macroeconomics has defined his trading methodology. His trading approach combines both technical and fundamental analysis.


Noel is the account manager based in ADS Securities Singapore. Noel conducts client relationship business across the Asia regions. With her many years of professional experience in client relationship, she is committed to providing training and strategic business solutions to the clients. Under her care, business alliances are formed and expanded. Noel also conducts webinars and seminars to educate SEA clients.

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