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Check out the Warrant Heatmap

The Warrant Heatmap is one the of warrant tools available for free on the Macquarie Malaysia Warrants website. Click on the above banner to visit the Warrant Heatmap. It visually presents the outlook of various local and foreign underlying indices and stocks within Macquarie’s warrant coverage, allowing investors to quickly see which underlyings are bullish or bearish in the short to medium term.

You can use the Warrant Heatmap to search for your preferred underlyings or filter by bullish or bearish momentum or by its trend. No matter you are a new or seasoned investor, this tool provides indicators such as Green Pentagon (upward signal) and Red Pentagon (downward signal), making it convenient for you to analyse underlying charts at a glance as well as to obtain some warrant trading ideas. The Warrant Heatmap uses the TradeVSA proprietary algorithm, which is based on the Volume Spread Analysis methodology.

You can view the 3- or 6-month charts along with the relevant TradeVSA indicators and all Macquarie warrants listed on Bursa Malaysia in relation to the selected underlying. The associated Macquarie warrants section excludes warrants which have relatively low or high delta and shows whether it is trending, near expiry or sold out.

Check out the Warrant Heatmap and other useful and free warrant tools such as the Live Matrix Plus, Warrant Search and Warrant Calculator on now!

About Macquarie Warrants Malaysia

Macquarie stands out as one of the leading warrant issuers in Malaysia. Macquarie's dedication in offering tight spreads and high liquidity ensures seamless entry and exit for trades. Macquarie has introduced the innovative Live Matrix Plus tool to set a benchmark for transparency, which is also the first of its kind in the Malaysian market. This cutting-edge tool provides real-time insights of warrant price movements in alignment with the indices or stocks throughout the day. Macquarie focuses on investors’ education to empower warrant traders to make more informed decisions and to maximize their trading potential through raising the awareness and warrant knowledge of the investors, offering comprehensive tools and resources as well as providing support throughout Malaysian trading hours.

In addition to structured warrants over local underlyings such as the local benchmark FBM KLCI and Malaysian shares, Macquarie Warrants Malaysia also issues warrants over overseas underlyings such as the Hang Seng Index, Hang Seng TECH Index, iShares China A50 ETF, Hong Kong shares, Dow Jones Industrial Average® Index, S&P 500® Index and Nasdaq-100® Index, allowing Malaysian investors to gain exposure to the broader foreign markets through the warrants listed on Bursa Malaysia.

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