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TradeVSA System Sdn Bhd


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SMARTRobie ® - Your Trading Buddy

SMARTRobie® - a mobile application uses proprietary charting and analytics, Incorporated both Fundamental Analysis and Technical Analysis into the system.

First of it kinds app and functions like CHATGPT and able to analyse thousands of stocks and provide suggested entry and exit point based upon the AI formula - Pentagon Guider™ and it risk to reward calculation.

Fully automated, without human biases, no individual preferences and non-emotion, SMARTRobie® aimed to provide consistent and profitable returns to investors.

As an all-in-one stock idea generation solution, SMARTRobie® provides trading ideas including top stock trade ideas, full trading plans, watch list, alerts and portfolio management.

Currently available in KLSE, HKSE, S&P500, SGX.

The Company

TradeVSA System Sdn Bhd is the 1st Financial Technology Company that focuses on Volume Spread Analysis (VSA), a unique trading methodology well known among professional traders and investors in the West and becoming popular in Asia now.

TradeVSA’s mission is to help every traders and investors to “TRADE SMARTER EVERY TIME” and bring clarity with easier understanding of the financial stock market complexity with our suite of products and solutions.

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